A Service Company

We are dedicated to the principal that clients are served better by a specialist. This means that the insurance broker should be highly skilled in the insurance products and needs of their client’s industry. This is why we spend our time providing Homecare & Hospice liability insurance and other insurance needs to the Homecare, Hospice, Staffing & Medical Equipment industries. 


Early in 1982 Mark Caldwell began specializing in the Homecare industry. At the time “commercial mass marketing” was a fairly new term, and most agents were unaware of this concept. “Commercial mass marketing” means that an agent would spend all of his or her time becoming an expert in a particular industry. Clients would immediately recognize that the agent understood not only insurance, but also the client’s industry and it’s particular insurance needs – thereby allowing the client to have a high level of confidence in the services being provided. The broker would also know which insurance companies offer coverage to an industry, is able to develop relationships with underwriters, and is able to deliver superior products at the most competitive prices.

Caldwell & Associates Insurance Services, Inc.

Since we specialize in the Homecare, Staffing & Home Medical Equipment industries, we are able to offer you what you need most; knowledgeable professionals who know how to speak your language. You won’t need to spend time explaining your insurance needs to us. We write Homecare & Hospice liability insurance coverage for clients from the new start-up, to the large multi-state company. We understand that professional sales people and support personnel are essential to serving our clients. We hope you will let us show you how we can assist you with your insurance needs.

Experience – Knowledge – Service

With nearly 30 years’ experience providing insurance products to the Homecare, Staffing & Home Medical Equipment industries, we have the knowledge that will benefit your company. Our long term relationships with our underwriters allow us to offer you superior service, and since we are independent, we can offer you the best product on the market today. Add to this our dedicated service staff, and the result is the best quality at the best price – truly a winning combination.

How Can We Help You?

If you would like to obtain an insurance quotation for your Homecare or Hospice liability insurance through our agency, simply call us toll-free at (877) 460-8080. We will need to obtain some information from you, and then we will provide you with a written quotation, with no obligation on your part. Obtaining a quality insurance product at competitive prices is easy when you deal with us – please call us today!